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Through the course of my one year experience with my son, I have developed several theories such as the 4N and Power of No to better help me raise my son.
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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Detached Kids

Posted by Barack Levin on 23rd December 2011

I sometimes suggest parents that I work with, to try and run this exercise in their heads to demonstrate to them why their kids do not accept their authority. Try it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Today’s kids from an early age are deposited at day care when they are only a few weeks old. Busy parents drop them there as early as 7AM and pick them up again as late as 6PM. As a matter of fact, the new born spends most of his day with strangers.

As the new born becomes an infant and more aware of his surrounding he still spends most of his time with strangers and when he gets home, his parents are tired from a day’s work so they let him watch TV or play some video games.

The infant grows up and becomes a kid. He now goes to kindergarten or school. His days end at 2:30 but most of the time his parents can not take him home at this time and so they have two options. The first one would be a nanny to take care of him until 6PM and the other one – an after school program. At this age, kids still do not see their parents for more than an hour a day.

On weekends, from a very early age, the situation is not much different. Parents want to rest or run their errands and so the kids’ room or basement equipped with the latest gadgets are the new entertainment center. Not only that the kids do not spend enough time with their parents, now they suck their values, behavior and look on the world from flickering; unrealistic, animated icons.

If you were a kid raised this way, what would you think? How would you behave? Would you accept your parents’ authority?

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The Reason I am Against Video Games for Young Kids

Posted by Barack Levin on 11th July 2011

My son (7), wanted a DSI. All of his friends, this is what he told me, had one. I am very against video games at such a young age (he asked for it when he was 6), but at the same time, I do not want him to be that different and so, my wife and I came to an agreement with him – we will buy him a DSI but he can only play for 20 minutes a day on it.

A year later and the agreement is still in place. Because we are such an active family, most days he does not even have the time for these 20 minutes. We thought that we reached a good balance.

The only exception to the rule is flight time. When the kids fly (with or without us), we allow him to play on his DSI as much as he wants too.

Case in point. When the kids flew by themselves to France a month ago, we were reported by their grandparents that our son played on his DSI most of the night. He landed with his eyes completely red from not sleeping and looking at the small screen.

This just proves my point that if you let kids play too much in front of a screen, they get addicted to it. They display the same symptoms as drug addicts: they are craving for more, can not control themselves, focus on one thing and one thing only and willing to sacrifice anything and everything else just to get their fix. If this behavior with video games can not be called addiction, I do not know what can.

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More on ADD and ADHD

Posted by Barack Levin on 2nd September 2010

The kid we carpool with is exposed to TV and video games. Lots of TV and video games. How do I know? 2 reasons. The first one – he tells us. He simply tells us how much time he spends playing with his video games and how much TV he is watching. The second reason is his behavior. It is iritic on the verge of uncontrollable. He can not sit still for a second. He hums, yells and screams out bizarre noises which, if you pay close attention to sound just like the sounds his video games make. His mind is over stimulated to the point that he can not calm down for even one second. It is constantly bombarded with these extra forces that even when he is not exposed to them, they still play in his mind.

How sad is that. Instead of pumping into his brain useful things, his brain is always in an overload state ready to explode.

Here lies the foundation for all of those ADD and ADHD problems. Exposing the undeveloped minds of young kids to stimulations that are not suitable for them and cause their brains go berserk.

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Mario Super Galaxy

Posted by Barack Levin on 6th December 2009

I am carpooling with another family. Everyday, someone else is taking the boys to school and back. We started about 4 months ago and this “partnership” is working very well and relives me from driving many unnecessary miles.

The kid we carpooling with is about 6 months older than my son and very cute. On our way to school or back we used to talk about all sorts of things and what the boys did or planned to do at school.

About a month after we started car pooling, the other parents bought their kid a video game system. Since that day the only thing that boy can talk about is only about the game. How Super Mario did this, how the princesses does that, how he jumps, what he collects and so forth. It is impossible to talk to him on any other subject. It is as if his mind is completely blocked to any other topic he used to talk about. On top of that, he is stalking about killing other people in the game, pushing them, jumping on them, slashing them and on and on. It is as if he is completely indifferent to violence. Now, I do not know if this will affect his behavior and will make him more violent, but I certainly do not expect a 6 year old boy talking this way and only about this subject.

I have also noticed that he has become very agitated recently. He can not sit quiet for one minute. He has to move, shout, yell and get out weird noises during the ride. I have no doubt in mind that his mind is so exposed to this game, that even when he does not play it the game still runs itself in his head causing him to be unrelaxed. I am almost positive that kids who suffer from ADD and the like are probably very affected by such games and the fact that these games put their little brains in overdrive and do not let them rest for a moment.

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