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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Snacks After the Game

Posted by Barack Levin on 12th December 2011

My kids participate in several sports activities. During winter time it is basketball season. They have a practice once a week and a game on the weekend. There is somewhat a twisted tradition that attached itself to the games like a leech attaches to your skin.

At the end of every game, while the coach goes over the highlights of the game, one parent provides snacks to the kids. It does not matter if the game finished right at lunch time or just before dinner time – it does not matter all. Snacks are brought out of their bags and distributed to the kids. If the kids would have gotten an apple, banana or even some grapes, I would have thought nothing of it, however, what the kids get are always store bought salty and sugary snacks. The irony here is that these kids finally had some physical activity and moved their untrained bodies to burn some calories and now they are getting empty calories as a compensation of their effort. So sad.

But there is another side to it. Kids are getting used to be rewarded by food for their efforts. Just like the Pavlov effect, where the dog drools when he hears the bell ring even though no food is offered, same with kids. They are being trained to receive fatty unhealthy foods at the end of every activity.

No wonder we grow a generation of fat, physically unfit lazy kids who are used to eat junk food.

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What’s the point

Posted by Barack Levin on 9th October 2010

My son started soccer practice. I have chosen for him a place that is competitive. They play for fun. There are no trophies or leagues. Just plain sportsmanship and pure fun. He has a practice on Thursday and a game on Saturday, each lasts an hour. The games on the weekend are between his team mates. They split randomly into 2 groups and play against each other. We were told when we registered that each week another parent will be in charge of snacks for the game. We were the first ones to volunteer and we brought fruit slices and bottled water. After al, the coach has specifically stated that we should bring healthy snacks.

The week after another parent brought the snacks. This time they brought sodas and salty store bought snacks. I though it was weird, because after al, the instructions were healthy snacks but when the next parent, the next week, brought the same thing I realized this is what is considered a healthy snack.

And I have to raise the issue. What is the point? The kids just ran for about an hour, got some exercise, burned some calories and now, we, the parents, give them useless calories to consume. Why can’t parents understand that these are not snacks? These are loaded with empty calories food items that their kids do not need. Instead of these terrible food items how about bringing fruits or vegetables? Instead of sodas how about just plain simple water? Our kids do not all of this crap.

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