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Through the course of my one year experience with my son, I have developed several theories such as the 4N and Power of No to better help me raise my son.
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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

102 Fever

Posted by Barack Levin on 2nd October 2011

My girl (5) came home 4 days ago complaining about a sore throat. Complaining may not be the right word here, because complaining when associated with kids’ illnesses usually means crying, fatigue and annoyance. She was more like reporting that her throat hurts sometimes when she ate or when she sneezed. My wife checked her temperature and she had a 100 degrees. My wife ran to the medicine cabinet to give her something to lower her fever. I stopped her on her way. “Why?” I asked. “Because your daughter has fever”, my wife replied. “And?” I asked. My wife looked at me her not wanting to understand what I meant by that and I continued. “She is not complaining on everything. She looks perfectly normal. She acts perfectly normal so why load her up with drugs. Let her natural defenses take care of this virus. Nothing will happen to her if she fights it”. My wife thought about it and agreed.

My girl seemed to be fine and went to school the next day. She came back home, again not complaining but only reporting about the same symptoms. My wife checked her fever. It was 102. My wife became nervous and decided it was strep throat and that she had to be taken to the doctor’s office. “How do you know?” I asked. “She complains her throat and she has high fever. This is strep.” “Well Dr. Mom”, I replied, “I understand your concern but this might not be strep. 102 for a child is not considered high fever, besides she does not complain at all. She looks perfectly fine, but I promise you that if this thing does not go away, I will personally take her to the doctor’s office tomorrow”. Since my girl did complain about headaches, we gave her something for that and she went to sleep. Towards the morning she coughed hard and we eased her up with some coughing syrup.

She woke up in the morning. Fully rested and the virus was all gone. Personally, I think that we over medicate our kids, we over protect them from everything and o not let their immune system to develop correctly. Not every fever or cough requires a trip to the doctor’s office.

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Kids and Placebo

Posted by Barack Levin on 16th February 2011

I have very strong feelings about pills. Although, on a daily basis, I take about 30 or so pills to help me survive my kidney disease, I think that normal healthy people and especially kids, should try to avoid all of those meds (and that includes food supplements) at all costs.

I am not preaching here to avoid medication all together or not to provide medical attention to kids, but I do suggest thinking before you throw in the towel and pop one in, again, especially when it comes to kids. From my experience, kids are magnets to diseases but most of these are low grade viruses, low fever incidents and minor aches. Even though, their bodies can easily take care of these problems, we as parents get out the big guns and stuff their throats with off the shelf meds. I believe in another way. A much safer way in my opinion – Placebo. I prefer to use it as the first line of defense in such cases and only if it fails, to resort to meds.

A week ago, my son (6.5) was complaining about a leg ache. I know exactly what he is talking about. I have had those when I was a kid as well. The pain is in the bone and it does not go away. It is not an excoriating pain but it is very consistent and annoying. I was told that it might be due to growth spur, but I still do not know if that is true or not. In any case, my son started complaining. Usually, in cases like that, my wife massages his leg, he gets happy and goes to sleep, which is by the way another great Placebo solution. All he really need is the attention. I do not believe the massage does anything. This time the massage she gave him produced no satisfactory results. He continued to complain. The medical cabinet was the obvious option. A pain killer will probably do the trick, but I decided to use Placebo instead. It was not the first time. Until now every time he was given a Placebo, it worked, so I thought it should work again this time.

I told him I was going to give him a medication. He is old enough to know what it means. Telling him that is the first step to prepare his brain for a pain release. I went to the medicine cabinet and took out one of the pain killers measuring cups. He stayed in his room but heard me go there. That is the second step. Have him anticipate the drug and start using his internal mechanism to reduce the pain. Next, I went down to the kitchen and mixed some Cranberry juice (for the color) and Lemon Juice (to disguise it is only juice) in the plastic measuring cup. I got to his room and told him to drink his medicine. He did. I asked how it was and he said that it tasted sweet. “Good” I said “You should feel better in about 5 minutes” and here comes the last step. Instead of just leaving him there to think about the effects of the medication, I told him: “Do you want to build something with the Legos with me?” He loves to play with Lego and took out a set. We started playing. Within 5 minutes he stopped complaining about his leg. We played for about an hour and half with no complains. I was very satisfied that my plan worked, but it did not work for long. As soon as we were done and he was getting ready to go to bed, the pain returned. This time I understood that another Placebo would not do the trick and gave him a pain killer. After all he is my son and I do not want him to suffer. But, this was the first time that a Placebo did not work fully on him. I am thinking that I should have given it to him just before he went to sleep (like I always do) so that the affect of the Placebo will carry him to sleep. May be next time.

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