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Through the course of my one year experience with my son, I have developed several theories such as the 4N and Power of No to better help me raise my son.
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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Helping Kids Remain Safe

Posted by Barack Levin on 7th February 2012

There is a very common conception that in order to keep our kids safe, we have to make sure we protect them and follow their every move. It starts with the toddler who is caged in his own house with door gates, continues to padded table corners and ends at outlet covers.

This attitude towards safety continues on into later stages in childhood. Kids can not climb tree because they can fall and they can not ride bicycles on their own in the park because will they get lost. The underling idea with this misconception is that if we “hide” these dangers from our kids, we can keep them face.

I of course think this is a foolish approach. I think that we need to expose kids to these “unsafe” environments and give them the tools to understand what is so dangerous about them. The tools that we give them will help them assess other “unsafe situations” that we might have not thought about and eventually result in a child who is self aware of his environment and feel safe because he knows his limits.

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At the pool

Posted by Barack Levin on 28th January 2011

We went to the pool with a friend. She has 2 girls. One is 5, my girl’s age and one is 3. Both our cute and adorable. The big kids were swimming and playing in the pool but I was more interested in the little girl, the 3 year old one. She was just roaming around the pool. Her mom called her over and asked if she wanted a life jacket and get into the water, but the little girl refused and so the mom told her: ”that’s fine, but in this case you are only aloud to play on the first step of the pool. Without the life jacket you are not allowed to go into to the pool”. I was very interested to see what will happen next. The little girl simply nodded and went to sit at the first step with her legs in the water.

We stayed at the pool for 3 hours. The little girl did not try even once to get into the pool. She followed her mother’s instructions to the letter. Most of the time, the mom and I did not even look after her, We sat outside the pool talking and having our little fun. There was not even one time where the mom jumped out of the chair in scare for her daughter’s life. I was very impressed and even told the mom how wonderful it must be to have her girl follow her rules and she said that this is the way in her house. Her girls listen to their parents and do as they told.

I thought to myself: here is a mother with a strong will, a mother who knows how to control her kids and let them be responsible for their own actions.

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