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Through the course of my one year experience with my son, I have developed several theories such as the 4N and Power of No to better help me raise my son.
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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

4 Reasons Why Our Kids Will Grow Fatter and Fatter

Posted by Barack Levin on 29th September 2011

It is no secret that the phenomena of over weight and obese kids is growing and has become and epidemic. Everybody talks about it, even the first lady, Michelle Obama but here is why nothing will be done to reduce this risk.

The first reason is the food industry. The shove empty calories into almost everything our kids eat. Their lobby is so strong so no real measures will ever be implemented to curve this trend of the, As we move along we will continue to see more and more fattening foods and empty calories thrown as our kids

The second reason is the Hollywood\TV\Video Game industry or in other words “the entertainment industry”. They on their side pump our kids with devices that eliminate any physical activity (and please do not tell me that the remote controls that help you actively play in front of the TV are physical activity). The lack on any physical activity combined with excess food links directly to reason number 3 – The pharmaceutical industry.

This industry, who has long time ago noticed this trend is already or will soon start to, provide pills for kids to lose weight or control their erratic behavior that results in more eating. This industry is not stupid to just sit on its ass and not provide a “medicated solution”.

Which brings me to reason number 4 which is the only reason we can control – Parents. Us, parents, do not spend enough time with our kids and let them do whatever they want to do, eat or play with. We do not care of excess food because we do not have time to read the labels or cook a decent meal, we do not mind our kids brain washed by the garbage or TV or violent video games because it gives us some time off and if we have a problem with our kids, a pill for every ill will be shortly available on a pharmacy shelf close to you.

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Skinny Mommies – Fat Kids

Posted by Barack Levin on 12th April 2010

I see it everywhere. They are in the malls, the parks, the movies, restaurants and even at our home. I see those moms who maintain a very strict diet and look skinny and in shape. They watch what they eat, they go to the gym on a regular basis, they visit the Yoga place several times a week and they read every label before they buy the food product. These mommies treat their bodies like holly temples. They are always in top shape, wear make up, read and ready for the latest plastic procedures available and overall make sure that they look good and feel as best as they can.

And then, there are their kids. And this is where the contrast begins. While the mommies are very cautious about their bodies, they use their kids as a garbage disposal. The kids eat junk food, drink sodas, get used to eating processed foods, hardly have any activity, spend their days in front of the TV and computer games, have very small interaction with their parents and slowly get fat and inactive. And so you see more often than note, a mommy who looks fabulous walking hand in hand with an obese and uncontrollable kid.

And I have to ask myself. If this mom would not be such a narcissist and would invest only 10% of the time she dedicates to herself to her kid, what astonishing results she would get, what a great kid she could have.

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A Sure Way to Raise Unhealthy Obese Kids

Posted by Barack Levin on 3rd April 2010

I have been observing other parents, their kids and their interaction with each other, and developed a sure way to raise unhealthy obese kids. If you follow these easy to follow steps, you have great chances of growing an overweight inactive kid who will, in time, become an obese kid.

Step 1:

When they are still babies, let them decide what they can and can not eat. If they insist on eating no vegetables – simply do not give them any, do not force it on them, and if they prefer to eat only bread do not try to suggest anything healthy for them to eat. Satisfy their hunger an always cling to this famous phase: “at least he is eating something”.

Step :

When going out to restaurants, make sure you go to fast food restaurants only and load your kids’ plates with French fires, ketchup and of course do not forget the sugary milkshake or apple pie at the end. If you want to excel, super size their meal.

Step 3:

If you drink soda or any other high calorie none nutritional drink, make sure they taste it. Don’t say no or even think about stopping drinking it. After all, it is you right to drink it. Make sure that your kids are hooked on that taste from an early age so that when they grow up they can yell and scream on you to buy them their favorite drink.

Step 4:

Avoid physical activity at all costs. Make sure you equip their room with a TV monitor and that is on whenever they are there. Also, make sure that you have another TV set in your living room and that this TV set is always tuned on a kid’s channel full with commercials for unhealthy foods and useless toys. Make sure that when your kids eat their dinner, they continue watching their favorite program so that they do not miss one single scene.

Step 5:

When they grow up, let’s say around 2-3 years old, buy them a computer with unlimited access to the internet. Introduce them to some sites where they can play online instead of going out. If you want to top yourself, also get them a handheld video game so that even when they are out, they can continue to sit and play their favorite game instead of running around.

If for any reason you start to get concerned about their weight, no worries. The best and sure way to fight it is to buy them some dietary supplements and dietary foods. For example, instead of getting them regular soda, buy them a diet one. After all, their bodies are already used to these chemicals anyway and should not have a problem coping with them easily. This has to be the sure way to lose some weight. Adults do it this way, so why not kids.

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