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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Night Sleep

Posted by Barack Levin on February 27th, 2011

When my kids were still at day care, they usually went to bed just before 9PM.  Taking into account that they could wake up whenever they felt like and had their afternoon naps, we felt that they got ample sleep time for their age.

As they started school, things have started to change. We started to find out that if they to go to bed as usual, the next day they are cranky and drag their feet throughout the whole day. Naps were out of the question and we felt as if they lost too much sleep and could not function properly. Adding to that was the fact that we are a very active family. After school, the kids always go out for a walk or other physical activity with us outside. We started to push bed time to an earlier hour until we reached the golden time – 7:30P. We found out that when the kids go to bed at that time and wake up at 7AM the next morning, they wake up refreshed and ready for the day. This new bed time had another very appealing side effect. When they go to bed at 7:30PM, we have 2-3 hours all to ourselves and we have the time to relax or chat. For our kids, less than 12 hours asleep a night is disastrous and since our kids are just average kids, I can only imagine that other kids need as much sleep or at least close to as much sleep at this age, which is the reason for this post.

Our friends struggle to put their kids to sleep every night. Apparently, they do not go to bed before 10PM and wake up around 6AM to catch the bus. That gives them 8 hours, at the most, of good sleep. That is not even enough for an adult let alone a kid and we can see the signs. Their kids are always tired and feel like doing nothing, they have problems at school because they find it very hard to concentrate and they are barely involved in any physical activity because their little bodies are too fatigued.

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