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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Watching TV

Posted by Barack Levin on December 9th, 2010

I had a talk with a mom the other day and naturally conversation focused on kids. She has 2 kids one is my son’s age and the other is 4. She talked about the problems she was having with her kids. For example, her little one climbed the shelves and almost broke her neck. But mostly, we were talking about TV and watching TV. I told her that my kids watch on average 1 hour a week in the winter time and even less in the summer. When they do finally watch TV it is never live TV. Always a DVD or something we recorded for them. I do not think they are at the appropriate age to watch TV freely. She said that her girl watches live TV freely. She also said that she taught her girl to call her when there is, as she put it, “nasty” stuff on TV. From this I am guessing that the little girl is a) watching TV with no limits instead, for example, playing boared games and b) that she is exposed to inappropriate content on TV with her mom fully knowing about it.

But the most interesting thing here is not the kid’s TV watching habits but how her mom decided to control it. Apparently the mom does have some power over the kid. She taught her how to call her when there is “nasty” stuff on TV. So I have to ask myself, if the mom admits that she is not happy with her girl watching TV and has some control over her, why not take this control one step further and simply stop TV all together?. Exercise your parental right to protect your kid and not give in to all of their demands. I am just frustrated with parents who know very well what is bad for their kids and still let them to it. It simply blows my mind – you are their parents – do something about it.

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