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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Fruits and Vegetables

Posted by Barack Levin on April 5th, 2010

I met a friend today and his son (3). We went with our kids to the beach to enjoy a beautiful spring day. While the adults were talking, the kids were playing in the sand and emptying the sea into the hole they dug.

After a while, my kids came to me asking for food and I took out the items I have prepared for them. The box contained bell peppers strips (orange and red ones), pear slices, apple slices and persimmon slices in addition to some cottage cheese sandwiches. I called my friend’s kid and asked if he wanted to join us for lunch, he nodded for approval and I gave him one of the sandwiches. When we were done with them, I took out the bell peppers and offered them to all the kids. Mine took theirs and my friend’s kid refused to take one. I looked at my friend and he told me that his son does not eat fruits or vegetables. I asked him why not, and he said that he just does not like it.

I should not have said anything, but it was already too late, the words just came out. “You know that he needs those to develop in a normal way” and my friend answered “I know, but my wife does not insist on it”. Since I was already into the discussion I answered: “Yes, but he is your child too and you need to care for him”. He was not ready for this answer and just looked at me thinking about what I said. So I continued: “Let me tell you a story. One day, my son, when he was about 4 years old, decided that he did not want to eat avocado anymore. He ate everything else, but avocado. I tried to question and understand why but got no reasonable answer besides the ‘I do not want it’. I was afraid that it might continue to other food items and decided to take an action. For the next week or so, ALL of our meals contained some type of avocado in them. My kid saw it and said he did not want to eat it, so we gave him an option ‘it is up to you, you can eat the dish or you can go to bed hungry’. And guess what? He ate everything and within 2-3 days his avocado dislike was gone”.

My friend looked at me and said: “my wife will never agree to this” to this I replied: “you are not your kid’s friend, you are his parent and as a parent you have the responsibility to educate and raise your kid in a proper way and not just cave in to al sorts of obsessions he comes up with. Parenting is about making hard decisions and carrying them out to benefit your kid”.

I do hope that he will think it over and see that indeed a non fruit and vegetable eating kid can spell disaster in the long run.

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