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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Losing a Kid in the Park

Posted by Barack Levin on April 3rd, 2012

Parents reading this post will agree – losing a kid in the park can be a nightmare. It starts with that sinking feeling that you have not seen your kid for quite some time. After that there is the anticipation of spotting his red or blonde hair somewhere far from you but when this does not happen fear and hysteria takes place – where is my child? What happened to him?

Here is a story that happened to us in the park last weekend. We went over with some friends. The adults were chatting and the kids were playing. My son (almost 8 ) was riding his bikes with his friends. This particular park has a bike trail that continues on for miles along the river. My son requested to ride until the bridge over the creek and I let him. Although it is not near us and I can not keep my eyes on him, I trust him. Time went buy and it was time to pack and leave – time to go back home. My wife and I turn to look for my son and he is gone. He simply vanished – disappeared into thin air.

My wife started to get worried but I know my son and most importantly – I trust him. I know he will not just vanish without a good cause. Suddenly we remembered that one of friends went for a walk with their kids along the bike trail. One of their kids is my son’s best friends. A quick call to our friends and we find out that my son indeed decided to continue riding his bike along the river with them. We asked them to send him back from about a mile and half away and he rode on his bike all by himself back to us.

On our way home we explained to him that we have no problem with him changing his mind when he is away from us and wants to continue the ride with his friend but in the future to simply tell the parents to call us and let us know.

I put so much trust in my kids and know that they are very responsible. I had no doubt in my mind that he knew what decision to make and use his analytical skills to make the right decision. I have also added another skill set – inform your parents when you change your plans, not because they go crazy when they do not see you, because they would like to know where you are.

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