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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Instant Kids

Posted by Barack Levin on March 16th, 2012

Kids can be thought about like preparing food.

Food preparation requires time, patience and the right ingredients. Take baking for example. A chef or even your average home rookie baker needs to choose his ingredients carefully and arrange them on the table. Once this part is ready the right quantities of each ingredient must be measured and added to the mix in the right order. Finally, our chef pre-heats the oven to the desired temperature and leaves the cake in the oven for the right amount of time. Each step is dependant on the previous one but the end result is tasty and smells great. It is a triumph of the chef and can be enjoyed by everyone.

The same analogy can be for kids. If a parent wants a well behaved kid he needs to follow the recipe. Each step is equally important as the step before it. A parent can not pre- heat the open for a lower temperature, or his child will not be raised correctly, a parent can not through in the mix ingredients that do not belong there or the final result will be a kid that does not turn out to be the way he desires.

Raising kids is a multi step process that requires attention and patience. You put into a kid the best ingredients and raise him correctly and you get the kid you wanted to have.

There is however another way to bake cakes – instant cake. It comes right out of the box, the chef only has to add water to it and put it in the oven. If you ever tasted an instant cake versus a cake that was made from scratch, you would know the difference. Even the ingredients in an instant cake are not under your control and you do not know what’s in there.

Raising instant kids is the same. Taking those shortcuts and not paying attention will result in a kid that is not what you were expecting.

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