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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Junk Food

Posted by Barack Levin on July 9th, 2009

I make sure my kids eat healthy food. When our older boy was born, we completely changed our eating habits. All junk food, sodas and candies were removed from the house and we started eating more vegetables and fruits and freshly cooked meals. As a result, our kids learned to love to eat foods that I have not seen any other kids eating including zucchinis, beats, sprouts and mushrooms. They also love fish, sushi and fava beans. In general, they eat all kinds of healthy food.

However, other kids that we know are limited to a diet of pizza, spaghetti, hotdogs and candies. No vegetables, hardly any fruits and most of the food is store bought and not freshly prepared. What really upsets me the most is that our kids see what other kids eat and they want the same. They want chocolate, candies, and other junk food. This defies my values and efforts.

Our current decision is that during the week, their dinners are under our control and we feed them good food. On weekends, we usually go out with friends to parks, the lake or the pool and we bring our food.

Day care is another issue. Fortunately enough for us, some of their food is acceptable and we just have to accept the rest.

My older boy starts kindergarten soon. We have already chosen the option to provide his food for him, on a daily basis, so that we know his meals will be healthy.

One decision that we have reached is not to give any candies, cakes or ice creams to our kids in the house. They have them anyway when they are away from us at daycare or with their friends, so there is no need to increase the amount of sugar they are eating.

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