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Through the course of my one year experience with my son, I have developed several theories such as the 4N and Power of No to better help me raise my son.
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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Archive for January, 2012

Parents Complacency

Posted by Barack Levin on 20th January 2012

The most interesting thing I encounter during my consultations to parents is there inability to look beyond the event horizon of their lives and understand the issues hey are facing. I call it: Parents Complacency.

This term describes parents’ tendency to accept t what is becoming a new conception regarding their raising their kids. Parents Complacency can be found everywhere in the way they behave, the food they give to their kids, the way they talk to their kids and in many other areas. I usually point out to parents exactly where they comply with misconceptions and the look on their eyes is priceless.

For example, parents take it for granted that their kids need to “hydrate” after every physical activity, which is of course not true. Kids do not need to drink every 20 minutes of playing in the park. They have the capability of goofing around without constantly being attached to a water bottle. I show these parents that by always keeping their kids “hydrated” they create a dependency relationship where their kids always turn to them for water instead of just being independent.

Another example is the picky eaters. Parents learned to accept the fact that their kids are picky eaters. This is the way kids are. I show these parents how to overcome this hurdle and find out that their kids love to eat fruits and vegetables.

Parents Complacency can be found in other areas as well. The new trend that I hate the most is sanitizers. All of a sudden, kids have are attached to these semi transparent bottle and every time they tough something they just have to use the sanitizers. I do not know if these parents heard about the immune system, but I can promise you that it is still alive and kicking in their kids’ bodies. The fact that there are kids are constantly sanitized causes the immune system to become lazy triggering in more illnesses and diseases.

Don’t become and complacent parent yourself – ask the right questions, tackle those issues that bother you.

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Life without TV and Video Games

Posted by Barack Levin on 9th January 2012

Many parents keep asking me:

“Barack, you always preach how TV and video games are so bad for our kids, but if I take them away what can I do with my kids”

My answer to them is composed on a list of various activities:

Cook with your kids, teach them how to play a musical instrument, teach them a second language, have them do some art projects, experiment with some woodwork project, teach them a third language, let them read, have them ride their roller blades, let them work in the yard, ask them to help with the laundry, tell them to write a story, let them take the dog for a walk, let them write a song and perform, ask them to clean their rooms, have them ride teir bikes, tell them to set the dinner table, show them how to clean the house and more and more. This is only a partial list of course.

Once I show this list to parents I always get the same answer:

“Barack, this is impossible. No kid can ever have such a to do list. They will never follow it and will never complete it. And your crazy idea about a second and a third language is ridiculous. It is simply unfeasible. “

I reply back with a smile:

“Not only that it is feasible, I have 2 kids who are already doing it – my two own kids”

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