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Through the course of my one year experience with my son, I have developed several theories such as the 4N and Power of No to better help me raise my son.
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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Archive for September, 2011

4 Reasons Why Our Kids Will Grow Fatter and Fatter

Posted by Barack Levin on 29th September 2011

It is no secret that the phenomena of over weight and obese kids is growing and has become and epidemic. Everybody talks about it, even the first lady, Michelle Obama but here is why nothing will be done to reduce this risk.

The first reason is the food industry. The shove empty calories into almost everything our kids eat. Their lobby is so strong so no real measures will ever be implemented to curve this trend of the, As we move along we will continue to see more and more fattening foods and empty calories thrown as our kids

The second reason is the Hollywood\TV\Video Game industry or in other words “the entertainment industry”. They on their side pump our kids with devices that eliminate any physical activity (and please do not tell me that the remote controls that help you actively play in front of the TV are physical activity). The lack on any physical activity combined with excess food links directly to reason number 3 – The pharmaceutical industry.

This industry, who has long time ago noticed this trend is already or will soon start to, provide pills for kids to lose weight or control their erratic behavior that results in more eating. This industry is not stupid to just sit on its ass and not provide a “medicated solution”.

Which brings me to reason number 4 which is the only reason we can control – Parents. Us, parents, do not spend enough time with our kids and let them do whatever they want to do, eat or play with. We do not care of excess food because we do not have time to read the labels or cook a decent meal, we do not mind our kids brain washed by the garbage or TV or violent video games because it gives us some time off and if we have a problem with our kids, a pill for every ill will be shortly available on a pharmacy shelf close to you.

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Sheen Guard or no Sheen Guard for kids– That Is The Question !

Posted by Barack Levin on 24th September 2011

My kids started soccer practice and were asked to buy sheen guard. I had to but this another step in the direction of insanity when it comes to “protecting” our kids. Kids their age (7 and 5) do not need sheen guard. They can not hit as hard. Even kids older then my kids do not sheen guards and so I was asking myself, why do parents and coaches insist on sheen guards and come to this conclusion.

Kids are not eating well and as a result, their bones do not develop as well either. Instead of having flexible bones like they are suppose to in this age, the lack of basic nutrients cause brittle bones. You might ask yourself, how do I know that? And my answer is very simple. My kids eat well and also very active and adventurous. They fell, slip and dropped from many so called dangerous places like trees, inflatable, park equipment and more. They never broke anything. They did get scratches and bruises but nothing more. Other kids who fell from their bikes or from a stair managed to fracture a bone or two.

So because of the hysteria that kids might break their bones, now they need to wear these useless sheen guards.

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Trophy Kids

Posted by Barack Levin on 19th September 2011

Parents do not realize it but they do it all the time. They invest little to almost no time with their kids and expect the best from them. Parents leave the education and behavioral shaping of their kids to the “system” which includes school, TV, Video Games and the such. The “system” can not provide a kid what he needs the most: attention and love and so these kids grow up without proper attachment to their parents and more importantly, no parental influence what so ever. As a result, they adopt the environment behavior which is more often than not is an unacceptable behavior. As a result they start to deteriorate in school and studies, but their parents want only one thing. They want their kids to behave well. So they dress them up in the best designer clothes, buy them the latest gadgets and bribe them with money only so that they are seen with them in public they will put on their best behavior.

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