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Through the course of my one year experience with my son, I have developed several theories such as the 4N and Power of No to better help me raise my son.
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Barack Levin

Author: Barack Levin

Archive for April, 2009

Thunder Storm

Posted by Barack Levin on 24th April 2009

Last night, my wife took my kids to the store to shop for some last minute essentials. On the way out, a thunderstorm started to form. Since it is a short ride to the store and back, my wife was not concerned about the storm. The kids took their umbrellas and got into the car.

When they left the store, the storm was in full force. There was lighting as far as the eye could see and thunder breaking over their heads in a tremendous roar. The downpour was blinding and my wife told the kids to stay at the store and that she would bring the car closer to the store’s door. She ran to the car, completely drenched and hopped into it. My boy, who was almost five years old and my girl, who was three and a half were waiting at the doorway for their mom.

All of a sudden an exceptionally loud thunder rocked the area. It was the kind of deafening thunder that makes even a grown-up jump out of his skin. My little girl started to cry and my little boy, who saw his sister crying and his mom in the distance running to the car, put his arm around his sister and told her not to be afraid. He told her that the thunder was the sound that clouds make when they play. This managed to calm her down. With his arm around her, they waited for their mom’s car to pull in so that they could jump into it.

When they got in, they told my wife about the incident and my boy added that although he was also afraid, he did not want to show his little sister his fear and acted like a big brother. When my wife told me the story I could not hide my pride concerning my kids and how we managed to raise them in such a way.

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Posted by Barack Levin on 10th April 2009

My kids and I are out of the country visiting my parents. I hurt my back really bad and can’t hardly stand up straight or sit down. No pain medication is working anymore. It has been like this for a few days and I am truly cranky.

Although my parents have been a big help, I still wanted to do some things for the kids. I decided to try to walk with them to the closest playground. It is a three minute walk. I called them and told them about my back problem and I told them that if they wanted to go with me, they would have to carry their own food and toys.

They agreed and indeed my boy took the heavy backpack with the food and toys and my little girl took the plastic bucket and sand toys. We walked very slowly to the playground. They were proud that they could help me.

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International Flight

Posted by Barack Levin on 4th April 2009

I took my kids on an international flight.  It was a twelve hour, night flight which was supposed to take off at ten thirty at night. The plane was delayed and we had to stay there for six hours, until five o’clock in the morning. The kids were perfect. They colored and watched some TV. At around midnight, my boy fell asleep and at two o’clock in the morning, my little girl fell asleep too. I had to wake them up at five o’clock in the morning to get off the plane. They were not too happy about that. My wife drove us back home.

That night, same thing happened.  At ten thirty, we were on the plane. This time, the plane took off on time. The two monsters drew and painted for a while. Very shortly after that, they went to sleep. My little girl went to sleep on the floor right between the two rows of seats. My boy slept with me on the three row chairs. They slept most of the flight and woke up four hours before landing.

After some restroom breaks and food and drinks, they went back to drawing and watching TV. I was alone with them, without my wife and had a blast. Such a long flight is never easy, even for an adult, but with my kids, it was not horrendous. About three hours before we landed, I told them to draw and watch TV because I needed to sleep. I was not able to sleep until then; I never sleep well on flights. They obliged. I put in my ear plugs, put on my sleeping mask, and slept for about an hour and a half until I was served breakfast. When I woke up, the kids were still quiet. I had taught them how to switch channels on the plane’s entertainment system and they were having fun watching some kid shows.

We got safely to our destination and my parents were waiting there to welcome us.

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